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Recovery Curriculum

Recovery Curriculum


As we return to school, we are preparing our Recovery Curriuclum to make sure we can effectively meet the needs of all our children.

At West Byfleet Infant School, we believe that every child is unique and as such we continue to put the child’s well-being at the centre of our thinking. We acknowledge that our children will have all had different experiences during the Lockdown, however most of us will have experienced a loss of routine, structure, friendship, opportunity and freedom. Equally, whether we have intended to or not, children will be have been exposed to adults who are anxious and may not be acting in their normal way or maintaining the normal routines which they are used to.

Some children and parents may understandably feel anxious about returning to school. We will be focusing on helping your child adjust to being back in school and helping them to re-engage with their friends and also learning. With this in mind, we have been planning a Recovery Curriculum for the whole school which will allow the school to most effectively support your child’s ability to learn.

The aim of the Recovery Curriculum is to restore the mental health and rebuild the resilience of our pupils to become learners again. At the same time, we will begin our core lessons of English and Maths.

The process of returning to a ‘normal timetable’ will be a phased one. At the beginning, there will be more free-time and child-led learning. There will be elements of the timetable that will be constant each day, like exercise, mindfulness and circle time. Parts of the school day that pupils will be expecting, like English and Maths, will be included in short bursts. The timetable will be re-evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that all pupils within the group are coping with the transition back to school.