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School Council


West Byfleet Infant School Council

Here at West Byfleet Infant School, we believe it is very important for ALL children to have a voice and feel as though their views and opinions count.

Every Term, each class from Year 1 and Year 2 holds an election to find their class representative.

Each councillor has to ensure that the views of all of the children in their class are heard. They work hard to find ways of collecting the ideas and suggestions of the rest of the school by having:

  • class votes
  • a notebook to record the views of others
  • suggestion boxes
  • questionnaires

Our school council is led by Mrs Sharon Kirk. We meet once a week to talk about any issues that have been raised by the children in our class and work though our action plan.  If you have any ideas about how we can make West Byfleet Infant School a better place, then speak to your class councillor today!


Action Plan for 2017/2018:



What are we trying to do?


How will we do it?


Progress Review

  • Make sure everyone around school knows who our school members are.





  • Wear our hats during playtimes.
  • Display our pictures on SC displays.
  • Introduce ourselves in an assembly. Explain that other children can tell us their ideas and we will talk about them in SC meetings.
  • Display our action plan and share our action plan in an assembly.
  • Put our action plan on the school website.
  • Introduce ourselves to the school governors.
  • Encourage our class mates to share their ideas using suggestion books.



  • To ask for new equipment to play with at playtime.


  • Ask Mrs James and Mrs Smithers if there is a budget we could use or do we need to fundraise?
  • Find out the type of playground toys all the children would like to play with.
  • Councillors to devise a questionnaire with different options of toys.
  • Explain the questionnaire in assembly and distribute it.
  • Collate the results and share the results with the whole school.
  • Work out how many toys we can buy with the budget we have.
  • Work out where they will be stored and label them.
  • Check how the equipment is being used, stored and give feedback to the school on the findings.
  • Model how to use the equipment and look after it.


Autumn 2 and Spring 1

  • To make the hall look more colourful and child friendly.
  • Talk to Mrs James and Mrs Smithers about getting display boards in the hall for work to be displayed.
  • Discuss ideas for displays that can be suggested to teachers to talk about at staff meetings.


October 2017


  • To think about children outside our community.
  • To plan for a fundraising event to help children in the wider community – CHILDREN IN NEED
  • Make posters to advertise this event.
  • Wear Spots to promote this event and encourage people to give money.
  • Count the money and share the total in assembly.  Talk about where the money goes and how it helps children and their families.


Achieved November 2017