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Welcome toWest Byfleet Infant SchoolWe Believe In Success

School Aims, Values and Ethos

Whole School Vision


The children in our care only get one chance, and we aim to provide the highest quality of education for all the children in our school, ensuring they reach their true potential academically, socially and emotionally.

Our Mission Statement


We Believe In Success

School Aims


  • Developing the ‘Whole Child’ is at the centre of our school ethos, values and learning
  • Children’s mental health and well being is central to our school ethos
  • We use a ‘Values Based Approach’ to build character, resilience and responsibility, preparing children for their life’s journey
  • We make learning FUN by delivering a creative, innovative and challenging curriculum enhanced by our stimulating learning environment
  • We challenge and stretch all children at an appropriate level to ensure they achieve their best
  • We believe in a positive approach to managing behaviour and creating confident learners – with a focus on intrinsic motivation to succeed
  • We work closely with parents/carers, with an open door philosophy to strengthen this partnership



Respect – due regard for the feelings, wishes or rights of others (admiration, consideration, thoughtfulness, politeness)

Co-operation – working together for the same end result (teamwork, compromise, participation)

Responsibility -  having the job of taking care of something or someone.  Being able to be trusted to do what is right


Excellence – greatness, being the very best we can be.


Friendship - is having a good relationship with someone, who we call a friend.  People in a friendship have respect and affection for each other.


Tolerance - willingness to accept people whose race, religion, opinions, or habits are different from our own.






  • Children are happy, safe and establish a love for learning.
  • Individualised learning and challenge for all.
  • All children making the progress they are truly capable of academically.
  • An engaging curriculum to enthuse and excite all children and staff.
  • Preparing children to be ‘citizens for life’.

Comments from Parents 2018


“My son is making great progress. The transition from Yr R was well managed. Miss Haley is a fabulous teacher.”


“Fabulous school, teachers and support staff! Amazing open door policy and always there with a listening ear and to give advice. Perfect start to my son’s educational journey.”


“Thank you for all your support given to my child. He is enjoying going in every day and he loves his reading and learning at school. We just want to say a big thank you to all teachers and teaching assistants.”


“Been really happy with the school and will be sad when he leaves to move onto Junior School.”


“Thank you for all your time and love you give her!”


“Very supportive school. Always recommend WBIS to friends and family!”