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Eco Team

At the start of the year two children from each class (Key Stage 1) are chosen to be Eco Warriors for their class. They have special green hats and help to ensure everyone at West Byfleet Infants works hard to make the school as eco friendly as possible. This year the Eco Team are:


Glow Worms: Maya and Eshan

Dragonflies: Isaac and Ruby

Ladybirds: Seth and Blaise

Fireflies: Noah and Aisha

Caterpillars: Leo and Sophie

Centipedes: Madalyn and Zach.


The Eco Team complete environmental reviews of our school grounds once a half term which gets reported back to Mrs James and Mrs Smithers. The team also complete regular litter checks and picks of the playground to keep our environment clean and tidy.


This year we have introduced into every class recycle bins for paper and cardboard and reintroduced the Eco Checklist for every class. The class that manages to save the most energy by ensuring the lights and interactive white boards are switched off when not in use, will win the ECO STAR trophy!


As you can see, we do lots of fabulous things to help the environment and this is something the children and staff can all be proud of. We are delighted that we have now earned our Silver Eco Schools badge.

If you want to see how you can make you home more Eco friendly… why not do an environmental review at home and hand it into Miss Banner. Click below to download the review.

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